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We deal in the manufacturing and supplying of Laser Land Leveller, which is sturdy and can be used on any topography. Our Laser Guided Land Leveller comprises of high quality control system, which increase its durability. They constantly remain in demand because of their low maintenance and simple usage. We are reputed among the top Laser Control Land Leveller Suppliers in India.

Benefits of Land Levelling

  • Optimization of water use efficiency
  • Better crop establishment
  • Reduction in irrigation time
  • Less effort in crop management
  • Laser leveled land with precision
  • Less weed problems
  • Uniformity in crop maturity
  • Time efficiency in completion of task
  • Easy land preparation
  • Less water requirement for land preparation

  • Yield
    Research has shown a large increase in the yield due to proper land leveling. (Approx.30-35%)

    Weed Control
    Improved water coverage from better land leveling reduces weeds by up to 40%. This reduction in weeds results in less time for crop weeding.

    Farm Operation
    Laser leveling makes possible the use of larger fields. Larger fields increase the farming area and improve operational efficiency. This increase in farming area gives the farmer the option to reduce operating time by 10% to 15%.

    Seeding Practices
    Laser leveled larger fields takes less time for planting, transplanting and for direct seeding.

    Efficient Water Management
    An unleveled field means extra water storage in one part of the filed & no water at the other part. The Laser precision land leveling allows effectively the use of water.

    The initial cost of laser land leveling is high but if the appropriate plowing techniques are used, re-Leveling the whole field should not be necessary for at least 2-3 years. Measurements taken in fields in the second and third year after leveling have shown very little variation in surface topography. Other benefits are :

  • Being able to direct seed.
  • Plow the field on time.
  • Harvest evenly ripened crop.
  • Reduced weeding cost.

  • To sum up the benefits of laser land leveling :
    • More level and smooth soil surface.
    • Reduction in time and water required irrigating the field.
    • More uniform moisture environment for crops.
    • Reduced consumption of seeds, fertilizers, chemicals and fuel.
    • Improved field traffic ability (for subsequent operations).

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